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Word 2013 For Dummies

11 Chapters         61 Videos
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  • Table of Contents
  • Course Details
  • Getting to Know Word 2013
    Starting Word
    Exploring the Word Interface
    Creating Your First Document
    Moving Around
    Changing the Onscreen View
    Saving and Opening Documents
  • Creating a Word Document
    Creating a New Document Using a Template
    Adjusting Page Settings
    Quiz Yourself: Adjusting Template Settings for a Flyer
    Editing Text
    Selecting Text
    Finding and Replacing Text
    Sorting a List
    Checking Spelling and Grammar
    Activity: Editing and Spell-Checking a Document
    Sharing Your Document with Others
    Printing Your Work
  • Formatting Text
    Choosing Text Font, Size, and Color
    Applying Font Attributes and Text Effects
    Working with Themes
    Applying Style Sets
    Quiz Yourself: Formatting Text from Multiple Contributors
    Copying Formats with Format Painter
    Customizing Character Width and Spacing
    Activity: Formatting Text in a Word Document
  • Formatting Paragraphs
    Aligning Paragraphs
    Indenting Paragraphs
    Spacing Lines and Paragraphs
    Setting Tab Stops
    Quiz Yourself: Formatting a Résumé
    Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
    Adding Borders and Shading
    Activity: Formatting Paragraphs in a Word Document
  • Formatting with Styles and Templates
    Simplifying Formatting with Preset Styles
    Changing and Creating Templates
    Activity: Creating and Modifying Your Own Template
  • Shaping Pages and Sections
    Formatting Pages
    Designing Headers and Footers
    Formatting Text in Multiple Columns
    Working with Multisection Documents
    Quiz Yourself: Customizing a Border, Page Numbers, and Sections in a Document
  • Creating and Formatting Tables
    Creating a Table
    Formatting a Table
    Activity: Creating and Formatting a Table
  • Inserting and Formatting Graphics
    Inserting Images from
    Inserting Your Own Photo Files
    Moving and Sizing Pictures
    Activity: Inserting and Positioning Pictures in a Document
    Editing Pictures in Word
    Drawing Lines and Shapes
    Quiz Yourself: Creating a Flow Chart
  • Managing Correspondence
    Setting Up Envelopes
    Performing a Mail Merge
    Sorting and Filtering Mail Merge Records
    Quiz Yourself: Merging and Sorting Labels
  • Organizing Long Documents and Professional Reports
    Creating a Table of Contents
    Creating an Index
    Captioning and Organizing Figures
    Organizing Legal Documents
    Creating Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Protecting and Sharing a Document
    Tracking Document Changes
    Working with Document Comments
    Marking a Document as Final
    Checking Document Compatibility
The course covers:
  • Creating new documents
  • Formatting text and paragraphs
  • Implementing styles and templates
  • Working with pages and sections
  • Creating and formatting tables and inserting graphics
  • Preparing professional reports
  • Protecting and sharing documents with others


Learn everything you need to know to use Microsoft Word 2013 with this Word 2013 For Dummies eLearning Course! In eleven interactive lessons, this eLearning Course shows you how to create documents, format text and paragraphs, work with styles and templates, create and format tables, insert graphics, prepare professional reports, and much more. Lessons feature expert instruction, video guided tours, interactive extras, helpful tips and reminders, and a simple self-paced flow.