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Java For Dummies

10 Chapters         4 Videos
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  • Table of Contents
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  • Starting with Java
    Obtaining and Installing the Java SDK
    Creating a Simple Application
    Compiling a Simple Application
    Executing a Simple Application
    Importing Other Classes
    Obtaining Help for Java
  • Using Primitive Variables
    Understanding Primitive Types
    Working with Integer Types
    Working with Floating Point Types
    Working with the Boolean Type
    Working with the Char Type
    Using Constants
  • Using Object Variables
    Understanding What Object Types Are
    Working with the String Type
    Working with the BigDecimal Type
    Working with the BigInteger Object Type
    Changing Primitive Types into Objects
  • Formatting Variable Content
    Creating an Application that Displays Percentages
    Using Escape Sequences
    Displaying Date and Time
    Displaying Currency Values
  • Working with Operators
    Storing Data Using Assignment Operators
    Performing Math Tasks with Arithmetic Operators
    Modifying Variable Content Using Unary Operators
    Using Relational and Conditional Operat
    Understanding Operator Precedence
  • Working with Conditional Statements
    Using a Simple If Statement
    Performing One of Two Tasks with If...Else
    Nesting If Statements
    Selecting from Multiple Conditions Using Switch
    Executing a Default Task
    Displaying Boolean Values
  • Repeating Tasks Using Loops
    Performing Tasks a Set Number of Times
    Executing Tasks until All Tasks Complete
    Interacting with Objects
  • Handling Errors
    Understanding Error Sources
    Catching Errors
    Throwing Errors
  • Creating and Using Classes
    Understanding the Structure of Classes
    Defining Variable Scope
    Defining a Class with Event Support
    Using the Class with Events
  • Accessing Data Sets Using Arrays and Collections
    Performing Basic Array Tasks
    Creating Multidimensional Arrays
    Interacting with Array-Like Structures
    Using Maps to Create Collections
The course includes:
  • Using primitive variables and object variables
  • Formatting variable content
  • Working with operators and conditional statements
  • Repeating tasks using loops
  • Handling errors
  • Creating and using classes
  • Accessing data sets using arrays and collections


Master Java programming with this easy self-paced online course. This online course takes you through the fundamentals of Java and provides tasks within each lesson to help you learn hands-on applications for each concept. It offers immediate feedback to help you learn your strengths and weaknesses, helps you navigate quickly and easily to find and repeat the lessons you need most, and lets you track your progress while learning at your own pace. The course covers the basics of object-oriented programming, code reuse, how to program with the new JDK 8, how to create and use Java classes, and how to build in error handling features. It also covers more advanced features of Java, such as working with arrays and collections.